Wednesday, June 1, 2011

1st Grade Letter

I apologize for the last glum post. I didn't realize how somber it sounded when I wrote it.
But guess what? I had one of the greatest 1st grade teachers ever.
You know what made him so great? He inspired me to become a teacher myself.
His passion to teach was evident, I realized that more and more as I observed other teachers. 
Sooo... guess what I received in the mail today? THIS:
11 years ago, my teacher asked the class to write a letter to ourselves in the future. 
It could be about ANYTHING. He told us he would send it back our senior year in high school -
(our parents give stamped envelopes with our addresses on it). 
As a very proud seven year old, here's what I wrote:

"Dare Katie,
I am 7 years old. and I live on a Blooberry farm. I Live by my cusins and my grandma and grandpa. I like to pick Blooberries as speshly the big fat Juoosy ones are way better. and I Live by my granny and G.G. too. I go to grannys huse and make fuge there. and my sister gose to G.G.'s huse and she is Lorning how to sew and my cusins is Lorning haw to bo it too."

Does it surprise you I wanted to be an English major at one point?
I'm so glad education teaches us to improve our grammatical errors.
Have you ever had an exceptional teacher? Tell your story!  


  1. LOL!!! That's adorable!!! Big fat Juoosy Blooberrys!

  2. haha! So cute! I love going back through the remains of my early childhood school work and seeing the fabulous spelling. :) haha! Blooberry's are delicious! I had a few teachers that inspired me. My top would be my high school dance coach. She is incredible. :)

  3. Omygosh! That is the cutest first grade letter ever! My first grade teacher wasn't my favorite:( {always got mad at me for drawing outside the lines, said she was allergic to dandelions when i grabbed a bunch for her and told me they smell bad anyways, and told me there was no such thing as a pink house when i drew one in class}(later that evening, when my g-parents were driving me home from school, we saw a pink house, go figure;)
    But.....! My favorite teacher of all time (besides my mother), would have to be my third grade teacher. She inspired me read and write like no other teacher had before! She was amazing:) Since the third grade I have always wanted to be an author:) But things change.... I can't decide if I want to be an author or a disney animator:( oh, well:) I still have time!
    Great post, Katie!