Saturday, May 3, 2014

Take it easy, English majors. Calm down, you're too loud.

I've never been in a room full of English majors when it wasn't class time.
Until today.
I've decided the quiet awkwardness could have been one of two things:
1) We all stayed up late writing final 15-30 page papers. Or,
2) We are all introverts who just want to go read books and drink tea.

Either way, I'm now a Sigma Tau Delta member. So that's cool.
That basically means I just get to put "English Honors Student" on my resume.
Nothing too special.
Also... I'm half and half with this whole 'introvert' business.
Anyways, I just learned this last week that I'm graduating (in seven days).
I need to go study for finals.

Happy Saturday, friends. I hope you find something good to read.  

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  1. Congrats on graduating AND being an honors student! That's awesome :)