Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Hey Ladies! Happy Valentine's Day! 
Whether you love it or think it's miserable, I do hope you're able to celebrate in some way. 
Even if that means buying your own chocolate.
Which, how bad can that be, really?
You get to choose exactly what you like!  
Did you do anything delightful today?
I'd love to hear of it!


  1. sadly didn't celebrate on Tuesday as my husband was in class (he's getting his MBA), but we did do a nice Italian dinner this past weekend - his idea :)

    1. Liz, my fiance and I didn't celebrate on Tuesday either. We both had a lot going on, so we decided to "postpone" Valentine's Day to a slightly later date when we have more free time. But oh, what a wonderful idea your husband had!

  2. I'm pretty indifferent toward Valentine's Day, but my hubby made me a lovely dinner and wrote me a love letter :)