Thursday, January 19, 2012

Behold: Wedding Colors!

Another day in this inclement weather, and I am loving it.
Nevermind the quantity of homework I haven't done.
It gives me a good excuse to look at wedding details! 
Take the colors, for example! Behold, I present to you, our wedding inspiration:
  Image left via. Image right via.
Seafoam, peachy, and burlap.


  1. Ohhh Katie! These colors are totally you! I love the combination of the blue with orange! Super adorable:}

  2. Wow! I really love these colors together! Great choice!

  3. Fantastic. My best friend and I have joked since we were kids that our bridesmaids would wear sea foam green dresses. It was a joke because there was an American Express commercial back then making fun of sea foam bridesmaid dresses, and we both thought the dress in the commercial was FABULOUS. Well she got married first, and she followed through. It's a gorgeous wedding color.

  4. So pretty! I had a friend looking on when I pulled this page up and she approves as well :)

  5. LOVE these colors! I've fallen in love with so many color schemes, I don't know how I would ever pick!


  6. gorgeous! love this combination!