Thursday, December 8, 2011

Hello, Thursday.

My fish is blind. 
...Cleo is a blind goldfish.
Funniest thing ever... slightly tragic, nonetheless highly entertaining.
Thank you, Thursday, for being spectacular. 


  1. Oh my gosh! That is too funny, and a bit sad;] I just love his name *haha* it's so cute!

  2. Oh... poor little guy!

    Love the outfit! I love that stretchy comfortable feeling of a scarf and sweater dress... makes me wanna dance =)

  3. katie, how do you know he is blind?

    I love your hair! is it naturally perfect or do you have a magic secret for those curls?

  4. Allie, at first I wasn't sure about the name, now I love it! I'm tempted to name every fish I ever have, 'Cleo'.

    Oh, oh, me too! Sweater dresses and scarf combos are so cozy!

    Becca, I'm not positive about the blindness, but it seems accurate. Cleo always chases her food around in circles, opening and closing her mouth as if she's caught it...but she hardly ever ends up finding the food. When she does, it's a glorious moment for us both. :) And thank you, haha, 'perfect' isn't the word I would use, it's more temperamental than anything. My hair is very moody.. meaning, it can look great one day, and the next, turn into a complete disaster! Recently I've noticed though, the dirtier, the curlier! I get questions about it often, perhaps I'll post something about how I take care of it..? We'll see!