Saturday, September 10, 2011

Something to ponder

What are your personal thoughts on this?
Everyone has their own opinions, insights, and interpretations... 
I'd like to know yours. 


  1. What an awesome quote, and I think it is so true! Even as an analogy, we weren't made to be safe in our words, actions, or lives! Ships are built to withstand long journeys, take you to your destination, endure the hardships of nature along the way. I kinda love this :)

  2. So true Sonia! I enjoyed reading your thoughts on this quote. Personally, I believe it means that we're not suppose to stay in our comfort zone. We so often get in a set mode of comfort, and then we tend to dwell there. There's so much more to explore and get out to experience! Staying in a safe zone, we're only inhibiting ourselves from reaching out to people and stepping into their lives to see how other's live and how other cultures work. When we step out, we're exposing ourselves to new opportunities and living life as it was intended.

  3. We are made to stand out, but are given the choice not to! The gift of choice is so incredible! How many times do we make choices everyday! Get out there. Be! i just found your blog, can't wait to catch up on the rest of your posts! :]